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Discount offered: All mentees qualify for the Everybody Bikes Program, which offers 50% off all bikes up to $400, 50% off service, and 35% off all parts and accessories. Mentees are also eligible for Youth Shop.

- Active/Healthy Option

Old Spokes Home is a bike shop and nonprofit with a mission of making bikes accessible for our whole community. We do this through youth programs, public workshops, and through our Everybody Bikes program, in which we subsidize the cost of bikes and repairs for qualifying customers. We believe that bicycles are tools for breaking down social barriers and building connections in our community. 

Youth Shop is a weekly drop-in time for young people to work on bikes. Youth Shop is 2 hours long every Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm. Attendees/Mentees can bring in their bike to repair, or work with a mechanic to fix up a bike they take home. This is a youth driven space where adults/mentors can participate if the youth bring them.