Maximize Mentoring Campaign

More than ever, Vermont youth need supportive committed mentors in their life who see, hear, and champion them.

By increasing the quality and quantity of safe and effective youth mentoring relationships in places where young people live, learn, connect, and play, MENTOR Vermont and youth mentoring programs across the state help young people feel like they matter. Based on 2023 youth mentoring surveys 94% of youth in mentoring programs expressed, “my mentor makes me feel like I matter.”

And when youth feel like they matter, they thrive.

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We were extremely lucky to have Rep. Taylor Small, P/D-Winooski, help us kick off the Maximize Mentoring Campaign. You can watch her remarks in the video below. She highlighted the importance of what it means to be a mentor for young people and said,

You are the best advocates when it comes to saving lives and I don’t mean that lightly. I mean that when they have an adult who believes in them, who sees them wholly and authentically, and is willing to stand up and support them through that process and understand the struggles that come along with life and to say, you know I had struggles of my own and I made it here today as a thriving adult, that is what gives them hope.”

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