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How to Get Started

Nominations for Ambassadors of Mentoring are provided by program staff and coordinators around the state and are submitted for consideration through an online form. Mentoring pairs can nominate themselves! We want pairs who are excited to work with us and engage in this work.
Deadline: December 10th, 2023


  • Ambassadors of Mentoring must be an active mentoring pair
  • Permission must be acquired from mentoring pair and the youth’s caregivers
Complete the following steps
  • Mentoring pair is nominated (by program staff, family, or self)
  • Mentor and mentee write a statement together describing why they are interested in becoming Ambassadors of Mentoring


  • Ambassador pairs must engage in 2-3 activities engaging with MENTOR Vermont throughout 2024
    • Engage in our National Mentoring Month celebration campaign on Social Media
    • MENTOR Vermont will work with each individual Ambassadors of Mentoring pair to help them determine the best way they can be involved in the mentoring movement
  • Ambassadors of Mentoring are recognized at a celebration luncheon during National Mentoring Month in January, 2024

Spread our message and help close the mentoring gap

In the United States, there are 9 million young people without a mentor in their lives. What does this mean?

1 out of every 3 young people
do not
have the support of a positive caring
adult in their lives outside of their family 

Ambassadors of Mentoring will help close the gap, by helping communities throughout the state understand the impact mentoring relationships have on young people. You can help us change the statistic.
MENTOR Vermont will provide Ambassadors of Mentoring toolkits with messaging materials for social media, for local community bulletins and local partners.

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